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Uncomfy, before and after.
Have I uploaded this one at anytime? Wouldn't surprise me, I think I've uploded most of my SFW fanart here.

This is Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. I am madly in love with SS/LM-smut. And I'm not ashamed of it.
Snape looks much better, looks more like the skinny greasy bastard he is. Better skincolour, better hair, better expression. I didn't want him to look afraid, I wanted him to me like "Ew, come on, not again.". Or something. I like his skinny body, I think I manage to do that pretty well. Some armpit hair just for the sake of it, he isn't as well groomed as Malfoy.

Malfoy looks also much better. Although I like his expression in the first image better. Meh, it's fine, it'll do. Also better hair, better haircolour. I really can't draw muscles, I really try. It could look worse though.

Somehow I always see Malfoy as switch. Not fully submissive but someone that makes Snape do HIM and not the other way around. I don't know, my head is a bit screwed up from all the fanfic-smut.
Faces, nine years apart.
I can't show you the whole image since it's kinda explicit. You can see the whole image on my blog, It's a NSFW site, have that in mind.

First I'd like to brag about that hair. Yellow hair? What was I thinking? Oh, he's a blonde so I'll give him the "I'm nine years old and a blonde is someone with piss yellow hair"-style. It was made in 2008, it was the time when I started using Photoshop and I didn't know about all the fancy tools. Sometimes I'm happy that I don't draw by hand because I'd still draw like that and the colours would be even shittier.
Anyhow, he finally got the silver blonde hair, or as light and blonde I want him to have. He's not white-haired you know. And for those who wonder, this is Luicus Malfoy from Harry Potter.

I really hate OC-characters. It never makes any sense but this is anyhow MY OC. Since I don't draw for others purposes, or to make any real sense of it all, I don't really care here.

I still can't draw noses from this angles properly. I have tried so many times and it's much easier if a character has a blunt lil nose, but it sucks when we're talking pointed noses, like he has. But it still looks better though than the first image. I got my first Wacom around 2007 and it was about 2008 that I started working with shadows. As you can see. I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to shadows still, I'm afraid that it will look over the top or stupid. And I'm too lazy to redo it if I screw up.

But he do looks like a handsome devil now.
Take some rum, before and after.
I uploaded the first image about the same time I did it, in 2008. I should have waited a year to make a remake of it, you know, the for 10:th anniversery.

I was pretty satisfied with the lighting I did ten years ago but now when I look back I could have been more extreme with the lighting. That's my problem, I don't dare to take things further. To make shadows more detailed and stronger. But I'm working on it. I didn't even have the Photoshop-file anymore.

It's not perfect but I think it worked well anyway. It's still better than the first one, I think.

This is supposed to be Pintel from Pirates of The Caribbean.


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I draw: Fanart, mostly. Whatever in that category that comes to my mind.
Why?: Because I can?
Love to draw: Faces, legs, shoes, expressions, hair, dresses.
Problemareas: Angles, poses, bare feets, backgrounds.
Style: My own.
Inspiration: Movies, things at Youtube, dreams, fantasies, Deviantart. Expressions are inspired a bit by manga and Disney.
Requests?: No. But thoughts are always welcome.
  • Reading: Tommyknockers by Stephen King.
  • Watching: The Bride of Chucky
  • Playing: Terraria
Todays NSFW art is called "I will wreck you."


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